Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pac-Man Hat - Restock Import, Shipping Today

«©NCSX» When faced with an emotionally disturbed individual on the streets of any bustling city, one may simply hustle across the street to bypass a potentially unpleasant encounter.

When faced with an emotionally disturbed individual (please direct your attention to the gentleman on the lower-left)... who just happens to be wearing a Pac-Man hat, one may be too mesmerized by the spectacle to do much. With your mouth agape and feet frozen by wonderment, the fates would have to excuse your momentarily loss of the flee instinct. However, NCS recommends the following actions:

1) Smile. If the individual has been enraged by some invisible slight prior to your timely engagement, your smile may placate its temperament.

2) Slowly move away. Put your back against a wall if possible. Any sudden movement may be seen as an insult/slight that's not so invisible.

3) Find a member of law enforcement and confirm with him or her that you're both seeing the same thing. At this point, the officer may mosey up to the Pac-Man-Hat-Wearer to affirm that everything is okay and that it's all just a little Halloween-ish delirium. In the middle of spring/summer...

Please note the description above is fiction. No allusions are being made to anyone who decides to purchase a Pac-Man Hat.
All backorders for the Pac-Man Hat are shipping today. Measuring a swarthy 12 x 12 x 8" in size, the hat is made of a plushy material and a retainer is located inside the inner "lips" of Pac-Man for stability and shape. The opening where one pokes his/her head through is stretchy to accommodate medium sized noggins as well as melon-like ones.

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