Tuesday, March 03, 2009

General Updates

PS3 Biohazard 5 Early Arrival
A batch of the PS3 Biohazard 5 game shipped from Japan last night and is expected to arrive tomorrow. All preorders will ship upon delivery to NCS. If you reserved the game to ship with overnight delivery, please look out for the game on Thursday instead of Friday. Please also note that some of the Biohazard 5 PS3 Bundles were also released early in Japan last night. We will fill the first batch of preorders on Wednesday and the remainder should ship on Friday of this week when the second batch arrives.
Postal Shipments Yesterday
We were able to get most of our domestic and international postal shipments sent out on Monday despite the snow and slushy roads. The only postal shipments that didn't go out yesterday were the Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 Rise Dragon bundles since they were too bulky and heavy to heft/lug/lift to the post office on foot.

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