Friday, February 27, 2009

Kira Kira Rock 'n Roll Show - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Rockers are generally grungy, smug, and occasionally wear shiny leather vests. The girls in Kira*Kira: Rock 'n Roll Show are rockers but they're not grungy. They're clean-cut, chipper, and wear bright prints which exude soft colors. Originally released on the Japanese PC in 2007 and targeted at a mostly male audience, Kira*Kira is an interactive adventure which features static images, lots of dialogue to read, and a relatively attractive group of high school heroines such as Kirari Shiino. She's on vocals and guitar while Sarina Kashiwara plays guitar, Chie Isurugi's on drums, and Shikako Maejima plays bass guitar. There's something about Shikako though. Although she looks like a girl, she's really a he - a boy named Shikanosuke who impersonates a female so their band Dai 2 Bungeibu can be considered an all girl's group.

As the story goes, the band performed at the school festival to much adoration and their show was aired on the internet. It caught the attention of talent agents who signed them up for a tour. The band mates get their show on the road and travel to gigs in a ramshackle white van.

All orders will ship with a bonus "Dai 2 Bungeibu Band Overdrive Night Tour 2008-2009 "Rock 'n Roll Never Die" Live Video DVD" (d2b Live at 1226) which is being given away by the publisher in 1:1 ratio.

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