Friday, December 26, 2008

Shirokishi Monogatari - New Import, Restock Soon

«©NCSX» When the waif-like Princess Cisna's ceremony is interrupted by the Wizard Corps, destiny unites a boy named Lenard with a mech suit known as the White Knight. By "bonding" with the suit, Lenard becomes a warrior capable of tackling the Wizards and their minions. Despite Lenard's fateful encounter with the Princess as well as the means to save her, the Wizards kidnap her anyway. Bound by a sense of duty to finish what he started, Lenard vows to go after the Wizards and rescue the Princess.

Shirokishi Monogatari aka White Knight Chronicles is a 3D action-RPG where Lenard and supporters travel the land and face off against conventional soldiers as well as towering behemoths who are much more durable, dangerous, and difficult to kill. Normal grunts can be attacked by Lenard and party with normal weapons and slashing action. However, when formidable opponents enter the fray, it's time for Lenard to transform into the White Knight and meet them head-on. The game is the first Playstation 3 offering from Japanese developer Level-5. Early preorders will ship with a bonus WKC soundtrack in 30% ratio.

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