Thursday, December 18, 2008

ADK Tamashii - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» Back in the heyday of the Neo Geo, SNK supported their own hardware platform with a bevy of (mostly) fighting games such as Garou Densetsu and King of Fighters. Unlike most other publishers who avoided the Neo-Geo, ADK was right in there, dishing out a relatively steady stream of titles that sated the hunger of thousands of Neo Geo fans and adherents. In recent years, many of the old Neo Geo games have been ported over to the PS2 and ADK's collection finally gets the Neo-Geo-to-PS2 treatment as well. The games featured on ADK Tamashii are:

» Ninja Combat
» Ninja Commando
» Ninja Masters -
worth the price of admission by its lonesome?
» Toukai Gan Gan (aka Aggressors of Dark Combat)
» Twinkle Star Sprites

Ninja Combat and Ninja Commando are hack 'n slash action games while Ninja Masters and Toukai Gan Gan are 2D fighting games. Twinkle Star Sprites is a vertical shooter with competitive twist where 2 players attack each other by shooting down waves of flitting enemy squadrons.

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