Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ikkitousen GG Bed Sheet - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Sheets that are placed on top of mattresses are generally boring. They might have a floral pattern, a single shade of color, or a repetitive motif that's printed throughout the entire sheet.

Japanese manufacturer Taki has other ideas for sheets. They want bold designs. So bold that one of the sheets features Kanu Unchou on top of a bare-breasted
Ryofu Housen. There's a third sheet which isn't shown here because it's not safe for work - that one features the full backside of Ryomei Shimei as she's taking off her underoos while Sonsaku stares wide-eyed in the background. The sheets measure 210cm x 140cm (82.67 x 55.11") in area and pricing is set at an astounding JPY10,000 or US$110 from NCS. Preorders are welcome to ship in late Nov 2008.

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