Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Street Fighter Capcomaniax Mika - New, In Stock

In recent merchandising history, Megahouse's most memorable toys have been the wildly popular One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures. That might change this week with the debut of the Street Fighter Excellent Model Capcomaniax figures featuring Ibuki and Rainbow Mika.

Whereas Ibuki is a slender reed of a girl, Mika is gorilla-like in both build and muscle mass. Mika was introduced to the world in Capcom's Street Fighter Zero 3 where her bodacious self was on full display for everyone to give witness. Mika's a wrestler who grapples with grabs, slaps, the occasional pile driver, and multiple head butt action. She even has a screen spanning attack where she turns around and literally soars across the screen with her posterior jutting out like some kind of missile.

Similar to the Ibuki figure, Mika is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 220cm or 8.66" tall. We weren't sure about Mika's appeal when we first started preorders but the final product is beautifully sculpted and captures the spirit and verve that is R. Mika. Check out Mika's Photo Gallery.

NCS has processed and shipped all preorders for Mika yesterday and stock is currently available for new orders to ship today.

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