Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper - New Import, In Stock

The cast members of Fate Stay Night are hardened warriors capable of doling out a lot of hurt. What happens when they're shrunken down into chibi-sized renditions of themselves? One obvious result is they're a lot smaller. However, their heads remain fairly big when compared to their shrunken bodies. One thing won't change however - the newly minted munchkins still dole out the hurt.

Gamers who enjoyed last year's Fate/Tiger Colosseum will find more of the same fighting action in the sequel. The basic gist pits two to four fighters on a stage and the goal is to knock the opponent(s) out and garner a higher hit ranking than the others. Special power-ups
(Tiger Ball with stripes) may be collected for extra fighting oomph so that the fighters can bolster their offensive repertoire. When roaming the battlefield against three COM-controlled combatants, the tie-ups are usually 1-on-1 even though there are four fighters on screen. It's just easier to fight one opponent at a time although breaking in on a 1-on-1 smackfest is possible.

In addition to the 3D fighting action, Capcom includes an Extra Mode which contains character data, event scenes, BGM, and illustrations to check out. Everything's locked upon starting the game however and you'll have to work and play to get that data viewable. For players who need some practice mashing buttons, the Tiger Dojo mode gives pointers and tips on handling opponents.
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