Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soul Calibur IV - Import Preorder [$56.90 shipped]

Reservations are welcome for the Asian version of Soul Calibur IV which will ship next week. The price is US$56.90 which includes "free" USPS Priority Mail shipping to customers who reside in the United States.

From the Publisher
Set to finally reveal the origins of this ongoing saga, Soulcalibur IV features new and familiar faces from across the galaxy who seeks the rival swords for their own goals. The line-up of weapon-wielding fighters grows as new characters add to the mythos including Hilde, a striking armor-clad warrior who wields a short sword and spear.

In addition to the Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed, other iconic Star Wars characters will appear as guest characters, including Darth Vader in the PLAYSTATION 3 system version of the title, and Jedi Master Yoda who will be available for the Xbox 360.

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