Monday, July 21, 2008

The correct legal term is "Wii Remote™"

Last week, we received a letter from a law firm representing a company which holds the "Weemote" trademark. The letter stated that we were to stop using the term, "Wiimote" in our product descriptions and NCS Game Notes because our actions could possibly cause confusion in the marketplace. NCS respects trademarks and ©opyrights since we also own trademarks and copyrighted material so we're obliging even though we think it's a bit of a stretch... but whatever.

From this day forth, the word "Wiimote" has been banished from N
©S' shopping sites and replaced with the word "Wii Remote." We wasted spent about an hour on Friday making sure the term "Wiimote" was waxed from the NCS shopping experience. We'll endeavor to search and replace instances of the word "Wiimote" on our other websites by the end of the month. We wouldn't want the "Weemote" trademark holder to be supposedly damaged by our conjunction of the words "Wii" and "Remote." We're thinking of coining a new word - "Wii-rote" or maybe just "Wote." As in, "Wave your Wote in the air. Wave it like ya just don't care."

Quick, someone trademark that.

So, if you're a vendor who's foolish enough to use the word "Wiimote" in your literature and product descriptions, watch it. You're liable to get a letter from a law firm. Can the word "Wiimote" be banned from every shopping site on the internet? Maybe. Maybe not. In any case, the word "Wiimote" will be stricken from this posting in approximately 24 hours lest we receive another letter. Y'know, a letter from a law firm.


Anonymous said...

Weemote is serious business.

Anonymous said...

my opinion as of this post: NCSX, assholes.

The thousands of dollars I put into games technology every year, none of that is going to a company who mocks the sincere due diligence of another, much smaller company.