Friday, April 11, 2008

Days of Memories [Reissue] - New Import, In Stock

The ladies and lassies of various SNK properties are battle-hardened fighters capable of beating even the manliest of men. Tough and sometimes surly, the likes of Mai Shiranui and King suffer no fools. Until now. Explore the feminine side of SNK's stable of beauties in a romance game where conversation and interaction are the keys to a gal's heart.

The Days of Memories software titles were originally released for mobile phones in Japan but SNK collects all three games together for some summer love on the Nintendo DS. In addition to the dating action, players may also check out an Album which features event scenes from the games, endings for the assorted girls that you've completed, and BGM for some aural reverie. Update: Please check your email if you placed a preorder.