Friday, February 29, 2008

One Piece Neo-3: Roronoa Zoro - New Import, In Stock

According to our neighbor Timmy, the greatest sword fighter on the planet is a lanky, green-mopped misfit known as Zoro Roronoa. Most swordsmen use a single blade to dispatch their adversaries but that's not how Zoro rolls. No, he's most comfortable when both of his hands are gripping a sword and his teeth are clenched around a third blade. In this manner, Zoro slashes and slices like a dicing machine.

Bandai's One Piece Portrait of Pirates toy series honors Zoro with a re-release of his figure from the original OPOP. Zoro measures 20cm or 8" tall and appears to be unsheathing the sword that's in his hands. Two additional swords are included in the package which may be tethered to his side. A pair of goggle accessories are also packaged inside the box which may be slipped around the swordsman's neck.
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