Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kessen III Treasure Box Items - Clearance Sale

We originally posted a sale offer for the Kessen III Treasure Box items back in the summer of 2005 and we thought they were all gone. As fate would have it, we found a few more cases tucked in a corner of the primary warehouse. The Kessen III game itself has been removed from each Treasure Box years ago but the limited edition items remain. Each Kessen III box includes the following items:

» An Oda Nobunaga figure with display stand
» 110-pg Kou Shibusawa book with character and location art
» Kessen III data disk which contains maps, general profiles, etc
» Character card set + special montage card

Sale Offering

Pricing per Kessen III Treasure Box is set at US$59.90 which includes free shipping by UPS Ground within the USA.
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