Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Caltoy UJ Kaba Plush Doll - Preorder

In Japan, the word for "hippopotamus" is "kaba" or "カバ" but shorten it to "ka" or "" and you have the word for mosquito. In other words, the character "" is the difference between a 3000 lb mammal and a flyweight insect. Hippos are the transitional link between sea creatures and land animals. They share a common ancestor with whales and maybe that explains their affinity with water. Sega's upcoming Caltoy UJ Kaba plush celebrates the hippo with pastel blue and gray colored toys which measure a prodigious 50cm in length. Stubby legs, rosy cheeks, and four teeth each are notable body features. Preorders ship in June 2008.

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