Thursday, December 27, 2007

Star Ocean First Departure - New Import, In Stock

Enix originally released Star Ocean on the Super Famicom in July 1996 and the space opera of an RPG was a big seller and garnered favorable press from the likes of Famitsu and Famimaga. The game stood at 48 megabits which was massive back in the day and featured voice samples, vibrant music, and the graphics pushed the envelope of what was capable on the SFC. Fast forward over a decade later and Square Enix remakes the game with crisp animation sequences from Production I.G. and uses the Star Ocean: Second Story engine to power the adventure. The PSP remake also features new characters, spoken dialogue to accompany the conversations, and in-game cinemas to help relay the tale as important events transpire.

Star Ocean follows the story of a lad named Ratix Farrence who hails from Clatos Village. Along with Milly Kiliet and Dorn Matro, the trio protects their village from invading pirates. At the outset of the game, Ratix is speaking to his friend Dorn when Milly makes a grand entrance. From there, Ratix and friends can patrol Clatos and then return home to trigger the next event where groups of sword-wielding pirates threaten the peace. Face them and engage in action-packed fighting sequences where players take control of Ratix and run and chop at enemies. While Ratix and Dorn do the attacking, Milly provides healing services in the background to make sure the two warriors don't succumb from their wounds.

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