Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Patsuto Tokeru! Indo Suugaku Doriru DS - Preorder

If you were the kind of kid that didn't like math and always protested, "B-B-But I'm never going to use it when I'm all growed up!" then Patsuto Tokeru isn't for you. Run far yonder from this release. However, if you were a member of the Elite Mathlete Club in both junior high school and high school, this one's got your name all over it. Learn mathematics and math formulas from an Indian bloke who teaches 42 mental calculation methods which might help you get a handle on your finances, blunt the trajectory of your spending, and solve other math problems that have beguiled modern man for the past 50 years.

Early preorders (30% ratio) will ship with a bonus miniature Rubik's Cube that you can use to strengthen the inner workings of your brain. Or something like that.

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