Monday, December 31, 2007

General Updates

One New Release
Only one new import is expected this week - NDS Rune Factory 2 which is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. No new USA software releases are on tap for this week.
Some Japanese toy shipments may also make it in over the next few days including the long-awaited Starwars R2D2 Speakers and the Starwars Room Light and we'll update accordingly once they arrive.
New Year 2008
Another year's in the bag as of tonight. Looking ahead to 2008, soothsayers appear to foresee an increase in water-based calamity. As long as NYC isn't submerged under a tidal event, we should be okay. We'll post a yearly outlook on February 7 when the Lunar New Year hits.
NCS wishes everyone a Happy New Year - we'll be on hiatus tomorrow but normal trading will resume on Wednesday.
Holiday in Japan
Most of our suppliers and distributors in Japan started their New Year's holiday over the weekend and they'll be closed for business until January 6, 2008. We'll rely on a few hustlers in Japan and Hong Kong who work through all holidays and will be able to ship Rune Factory 2 to us on time and without delay.

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