Thursday, November 08, 2007

Minna no Golf Ba Vol. 4 - New Import, In Stock

The fourth and final Minna no Golf Ba for the Playstation Portable takes virtual golfers to the 30 courses situated in the Kansai and Nagoya (Chubu) regions of Japan. Minna no Golf plays a satisfying game of golf and serves double duty as a digital caddy if you're actually at a golf course in Japan. PSP owners living in Japan armed with the GPS Receiver (sold separately) and a copy of the game can visit any of the courses featured in the game and obtain distance and course information in real-time. The game package includes two UMDs - the first UMD contains recreations of golf courses that are located in Kansai while the second UMD hosts courses from Chubu. When choosing which course to play on either UMD, a map is shown and the location of the golf course is highlighted when you scroll through the different venues to play upon.

Old hands to the Minna no Golf franchise will find a friendly game interface manned by affable characters as well as a challenging golf simulation. Select one of four possible virtual golfers (2 guys and 2 girls) to use as your onscreen agent and modify their appearance with different hairstyles, clothing, and accessories such as glasses or bows. Players may also decide to play on a sunny course or a rainy one to mix up the atmospherics. Once the golfer has been created, mosey onto the golf course and swing your way to eagle or maybe just bogey. For players who utilize the virtual caddy GPS function of the software, the distance to a hole may be calculated in real time to determine which club to use.

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