Thursday, November 29, 2007

A.C.E. 2 Special Vocal Version - New Import, In Stock

ACE 2 thrilled mech-handlers last year (March 30, 06) with fast-paced action featuring 180 robots from 15 popular animation series including Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Martian Successor Nadesico, SDF Macross, and more. Sales were brisk and the sell-out was unavoidable.

Since Banpresto never released a "The Best" version of A.C.E.2, they make up for the transgression by revamping the original game with 10 vocals-infused animation theme songs. The battles are fast paced where a mech speeds on battlefields and targets enemy ranks for destruction. An auto-targeting feature (press TRIANGLE) may be used to lock onto an enemy unit and if you're close enough, a melee attack may be performed to smash it. However, if it's a formidable mech and not a peon, it will parry your blow and the two swords will sizzle in a close-up struggle for supremacy. Far away foes may be locked on and then fired upon with an arsenal of projectile weapons. There was one point during this morning's trial where our play tester sped towards a group of enemies and as they appeared in the horizon, he selected the missiles and launched two of them at the crowd. The projectiles weaved towards the targets with vapor trails streaming as the player's mech continued roaring towards the foes.

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