Monday, October 08, 2007

New Super Mario Bros Sound Drop Set - Preorder

Back in the day, the sound in video games consisted of beeps and boops that were functional but lacking in any soul or spirit. As the industry evolved, sounds and music became nearly as integral to the game as the graphics to set the mood and add atmosphere.

Bandai understands this. They've been releasing "Sound Drops" toys for a few years now which are little keychain toys that celebrate the sounds of video games. Our favorite was the Street Fighter Sound Drops from a while back but the upcoming New Super Mario Bros Sound Drops look like worthy contenders. Eight sound drops are featured in the set which include sampled sounds such as "COIN," "JUMP," and "1UP." NCS will supply the New SMB Sound Drops in complete sets of 8 at US$25/set. Delivery in Jan.

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