Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chocobo Magical Book Mug

When one thinks of Chocobo, an image of yellow feathers and expressive eyes are two salient features that come to mind. Square Enix bats a .500 with the new Chocobo Magical Book Mug which sports two expressive blue eyes but no feathers. The bright color of the mug may be interpreted to mean that Chocobo possesses a sunny disposition and the sharp-styled handle could represent Chocobo's tail if you strain your imagination and visualize it.

A rich banana-yellow patina covers the cup along with a beak which protrudes from below those expressive eyes. The mug measures 12cm or 4.72" tall and holds approximately 10 ounces of liquid... or birdseed if you're so inclined.
A bunch of our Chocobo Mugs were damaged during shipping and cracked wide open. We'll isolate these and return them to the shipper and we'll package orders carefully today so they arrive to our customers in one piece. «photos»

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