Monday, June 25, 2007

Simoun: Shoubi Sensou - Fuuin no Remersion LE

The limited edition of Simoun: Shoubi Sensou ships in a cardboard slipcase with alternate artwork for the cover. The slipcase houses the game DVD and three bonus items as follows:

» Art booklet which contains character illustrations by Asako Nisida

» A Simoun: Shoubi Sensou manga

» A data CD which contains desktop accessories for your PC and a collection of background music from the game.

Simoun: Shoubi Sensou tells the story of a group of girls who pilot mighty airships to defend their nation against would-be usurpers. In the world of the Simoun, all children are born female but decide their final sex at age 17. In the animated series,
a nation known as Argentum invades Simulacrum and the Simoun are sent into war to protect the homeland from the attackers. Since the girls are almost of age but their skills are needed to wage war, they are granted an extension upon which to decide their sex.

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