Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji Plushes

One of the conditions of purchasing the Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji set from the manufacturer is that everything must be purchased that's part of the set. EVERYTHING. That means hundreds of straps (that we don't want), hundreds of plushes (that we sort of want), and the highly desired mugs (that everyone wants). The entire set is spread out across 15 cartons at a dear cost but that's the nature of business. Three plushes from the set are on offer today as follows:

Tom Nook - This raccoon measures 15.74" tall with a head that 11" wide
Blathers - The talkative owl is 11.81" tall and his head is 8.5" wide
KK Slider - A mere 7.8" tall but the dog sits on a chair and wields an axe

Pricing is variable and a photo gallery is available for viewing.

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