Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zelda no Densetsu: Link L and S Plushes

Link has been a hero since 1986 when he starred in The Hyrule Fantasy. In his debut, Link battled the forces of Ganon and rescued Princess Zelda from Ganon's clutches. Since the early years of the franchise, Link has gone on to feature in over 20 sequels, adjuncts, and related games. Link's up there with the likes of Sonic and Mario for the most recognizable characters in gaming.

Japanese manufacturer Sanei has started preorders for two Link plushes which are scheduled to ship in September 2007. The "Large" Link plush measures 32cm or 12.59" tall while the "Small" plush measures 18cm or 7.08" in height. Both plushes feature the same design however where Link seemingly looks to the heavens and his arms are lifted to the side. Sort of like a bird about to take flight. Preorders are welcome today.

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