Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shining Wind + Partial Bonus

The world of Endias is in a state of tension and three warriors known as Soul Bladers only serve to fuel the drama and intrigue that's afoot. Riviera serves as the setting where three kingdoms exist in an uneasy state that's teetering on the brink of all-out war. The Beastmen lord over the seafaring Seiran Kingdom, the Elves maintain their stronghold at Beilgarde, and the Humans keep watch from the Filias Kingdom.

The protagonist of Shining Wind is a lad named Kiriya who's a Soul Blader with the power to seal dimensional fissures known as Chaos Gates that are wreaking havoc in Riviera. Kiriya allies himself with the Filias Kingdom while another Soul Blader named Souma fights on behalf of the Seiran. The third and strongest Soul Blader named Traiheart leads the Beilgarde Empire.

At the outset, Kiriya explores the world with a friend named Seena who provides backup muscle and interactive foil. Kiriya carries a red-colored Soul Blade in his right hand which is activated by pressing the TRIANGLE button. Instead of a sword slash however, the Soul Blade shoots out spheres of energy which do significant damage to enemies. In his left hand, Kiriya also carries a short sword which is swung by tapping the SQUARE button. To bolster Kiriya's attacks, he can link up with Seena to throw out a powerful projectile blast where Seena serves as the missile.

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