Friday, April 13, 2007

Animal Crossing House Gashapon 3

A new Animal Crossing capsule toy collection ships from Yujin which features animal characters and abodes inspired by the recent AXing theatrical film. The houses are identical to each other except for the color of the roof and the furniture inside. Every house is furnished with a unique bed and a chair to complement the whimsical homes along with paper rugs and wallpaper. Six styles of toys are available - four characters with houses and two character sets which feature two animals each along with pieces of furniture. Think of the character sets as potential house guests with their own furnishings.
The animals featured in this set are as follows: Apollo, Alberto, Sari, Bouquet, Seiuchi, Mr. Resetti, Tanukichi, and Tsunekichi. NCS supplies the AXing House product in a complete set of all 6 toys at US$26 per set. New orders are welcome to ship today.

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