Friday, March 30, 2007

Zoids Infinity Fuzors [Best] + Bonus

Originally debuting in 2004 as a System 246 coin-op, Taito's analog-stick controlled fighting game joins the PS2 library courtesy of Tomy. Whereas the arcade originaly featured 29 Zoids to control, the PS2 version includes over 100 mechanical monsters.

Seven modes are playable including a VERSUS mode, HUNTING mode, and STORY mode. In the Story Mode, characters and mechs from Zoids Fuzors appear along with animated cut-scenes where 40 missions are played in succession. Hunting Mode is where players track down Zoids and bag them for the garage. Collecting more Zoids will make new arms and parts available to the player. As one progresses through the game, weapon power ups and parts customization may bolted onto a Zoids mech to enhance its arsenal and performance in battle. In 2-Player mode, the screen is split horizontally where each player views the action from a personal vantage point - just like the arcade original.
The Tomy Best re-issue of Zoids Infinity Fuzors contains the same game as the original release in 2005. The only difference is the variant game cover with the "Tomy Best Collection" imprint. «more»

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