Thursday, March 29, 2007

Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 2

The first series of Banpresto's SMB Sound Nuigurumi toys were very well received and the two plushes (Goomba and Block) that we keep in our office still get smacked every once in a while to evoke their respective sound effects. To keep the Sound Nuigurumi success rolling, Banpresto has announced the Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 2 toys which are scheduled to ship in mid-late August 2007.

The first Series 2 plush is a golden-colored Question Block which measures 20cm square or 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87" in dimension. Similar to the Series 1 Question Block, a sound module is inserted inside a flap on the plush which makes a jingling sound when pounded. Punch it with your fist or hammer it with your head and the familiar Mario game jingle plays sweetly. The second series 2 plush features the familiar shell of a Koopa Trooper. The beast within appears to be in hiding as we don't see its head nor any of its appendages. A sound module is also inserted inside the Koopa shell which makes noise when attacked.
Preorders are welcome today to ship in mid-late August at the price of US$25 + shipping.

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