Thursday, February 08, 2007

XCM Universal Ypbpr VGA box

Despite being difficult to restock at the moment, the niche that the XRGB-3 upscan converter has carved for itself is safe from competitive assault. Nothing else really compares in the same price range. Still, there are alternatives out there and NCS imports one today for retail sale.
Farmer's recent universal Ypbpr VGA box accept video input from any component cable and pipes it to a VGA monitor. That's it. There's no upscan conversion process or any bells and whistles. The image quality is good but perhaps not as sharp and pristine as what we get from an XRGB-2+ or XRGB-3. Still, it's relatively inexpensive and gets video into a VGA monitor without any muss or fuss. The PC throughput is a bonus. «more»

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