Monday, February 26, 2007

Shining Tears Mao Figure

Xion was the hero in Shining Tears but it's Mao we remember. Slight of frame and willowy, Mao is a Quarterbeast ninja with a pair of pronounced ears above her head. In the game, Mao provided comedic relief as well as a reliable sword hand when the occasion called. In addition to swords, Mao also threw knives in battle like a seasoned carnival performer to smack foes in the distance.
Following their Shining Tears: Blanc Neige and Shining Tears: Elwyn figures, Max Factory has started preorders for a 1/7 scale Mao figure in an orange bikini. Mao wears a collar as cats are apt to do and hides her hands behind her back whilst tilting her hips to the left. Mao's bright crimson eyes match her two-piece and a cat's pawprint is stamped on the right side of her bikini. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2007 at JPY4600 or US$49 from NCS.

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