Saturday, December 23, 2006

PS3 Armored Core 4

Sometime in the future, the uninterrupted population growth of humanity leads to shortages of food and energy. With the governments of the world unable to contain the consequent strife and rioting, six corporations rise up to exert their influence and power over the planet. The population is divided into a social stratification known as Pax Economica where every citizen is a subject of one of the six corporate entities. In exchange for their labor, each person is guaranteed food and residence in a colony. On the surface, the citizenry appears content with the drudgery of existence but stirrings of unrest are beginning to spread...
The tendrils of the corporations touch all areas of life and some of those tendrils consist of private armies of mecha known as Ravens who do their dirty work. You are one such Raven handler and your story begins in the dystopian future of AC4. In addition to solo mission-based firefights, up to eight players may network together for some serious versus action where the screen explodes with activity, gunplay, and team-up tactics.

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