Friday, December 15, 2006

Chikyuu Boueigun 3

The year is 2017 and an invasion is in progress. As alien vessels clutter the skies overhead, the citizenry gets jittery and panicky. To combat the threat of alien domination, the troopers of the Earth Defense Force are marshaled into action once again. Take control of one such trooper and fight back against massive mechanical automatons, insects, humanoid robots, and megalithic monstrosities that hunker down when attacked.

In earlier Chikyuu Boueigun games, players fought alone against the invading hordes but in the Xbox 360 sequel, multiple COM-controlled troopers help the cause by fighting the enemy on their own volition. Familiar enemies in the game include the massive ants and spiders which crawl around in realistic fashion. Their blood in the new game is colored a dark red instead of the yellowish ochre of previous Chikyuu releases. When running around, a red targeting reticule keeps track of where you're firing.

Game Features
» A total of 50 missions filled with carnage, destruction, and drama
» Players may obtain and use 100 different weapons
» Commandeer vehicles such as a motorcycle, mech, helicopter, and tank

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