Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wii Japanese Console Update

Japanese distributors received their shipments and deliveries of the Wii console overnight. However, it was a non-event because no games were delivered with the consoles. At the very least, our vendors were able to stare at the Wii boxes for 3.80 seconds before tedium set in. The launch games are being delivered tonight in Japan and NCS will arrange to have the first batches of shipments sent. Based on overnight shipping times from Japan to the USA, NCS expects to process and ship all re-confirmed preorders on Friday (November 30).

Similar to the USA situation, supplies of Wii accessories in Japan are dismal and our vendors have not received any extra nunchuks or the component video cables yet. We'll continue to check for available stock but please note that supplies may not be available until the second week of December. We'll monitor the official launch in Japan over the weekend and post a full update on Monday.

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