Monday, November 20, 2006

PS3 General Updates

«©NCSX» A partial shipment of Japanese PS3 20GB and 60GB consoles arrived today and some backorders will ship today. If your order is shipping this afternoon, you will have already received an email with a shipment confirmation and tracking details.

The remainder of all of our backorders will ship tomorrow when the rest of our shipments arrive. Emails have also been sent out earlier today to alert our customers of their Tuesday shipments. If you have any additions or shipping upgrades, please notify us before 2PM EST tomorrow.

The 20GB PS3 consoles are currently in stock and available to ship this afternoon but the 60GB consoles will be in stock for new orders tomorrow. PS3 prices from suppliers in Japan remain high as of last night and quantities are still difficult to locate in bulk. To fill our orders, NCS is purchasing from multiple suppliers who can provide us with small numbers of units and we're importing them in piecemeal fashion.

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