Thursday, October 12, 2006

Princess Maker 4

Originally released on the Playstation 2 last year, Gainax updates the game with 30+ new events for the little Princess of the game title to engage in. A new fair-haired daughter wings her way into the heart of a doting father who provides guidance and scheduling for proper growth and refinement. The game starts off when the daughter is 10 years old. Poppy is not alone in raising the Princess however. A helper named Cube provides general assistance and fashion tips for the little girl to learn and absorb.

The main game screen is broken up into data points where the upper left corner shows the date and the upper right lists the daughter's name, age, and money. Below that, important data such as education level, height, weight, and even measurements are listed. Finally, the main action options are shown (in English) which allows father to perform the following actions:

STATUS - Check daughter's physical/mental attributes and stats
TALK - Command daughter to perform an action
HEALTH - Check daughter's health regimen
ITEM - View daughter's inventory of clothing and accessories
SHOP - Visit stores to procure goods and products
SYSTEM - Save data, load data, etc
SCHEDULE - View and/or plan upcoming activities for the month. «more»

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