Sunday, August 27, 2006


Guide a shimmering blob of mercury around a mélange of platforms and levels by moving the play board instead of the blob. The mercury is subject to the laws of motion when the board is moved and follows the direction of each tilt and swerve. For example, pivot the platform to the left and the mercury slithers to the left like an obedient dog. However, tilt it too much and the blob will likely fly off the ledge of the platform in expedient fashion. The laws of physics rule the world of Tama-run but there are other troubles to be encountered as well. Once the motion of mercury is mastered in the Training Mode of the game, players can look forward to assault by swinging hammers, hot flames that burst from pipettes, bladed choppers, and shoving mechanisms.

Passive obstructions include bridges that rise up and down, directional conveyers, and toroids that must be maneuvered around by hugging them as closely as possible. The concept of mercury color mixing also returns where seven colors (blue, cyan, green, purple, red, silver, yellow) may be mixed and matched. For example, some gates only allow the passage of yellow mercury. If you have separate red and green blobs, you can join them to create yellow.

Tama-Run features over 160 stages of screen moving action and five mini-games to enjoy. In addition to the single player mode, players may enjoy a wireless Versus Mode where two players compete and a Ghost Mode where an ephemeral twin shadows each blob of mercury.

Tama-Run is a Japanese PSP game.
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