Friday, November 06, 2015

 TOYS Puzzle Collection Neo - Import Preorder $23.90

Product Synopsis
  A few years ago, NCS sold a collection of puzzle toys from System Service dubbed the 'KoroKoro Hakusei Mini Cube Keychain Collection' which featured four Rubik's Cubes and a cylindrical variation. Fast forward six years and System Service is back with the 'Puzzle Collection Neo' which cuts down the amount of Rubik's Cubes to two, retains the cylinder, and adds three color variations of the
Rubik's Snake.

   Preorders for the complete set of six puzzles are welcome to ship in late February 2016.

 Product Specs
: System Service

 Dimensions: H6.5cm (2.55")
 Material: ABS, PP

 Product SKU: 4560461202987
 Territory/Language: Japan

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