Wednesday, October 07, 2015

 TOYS SR Series Sega Gals Capsule Toys (Complete Set of Six) - Import Sale $89.90 set

NCS Product Synopsis
   Yujin cashes in on the "Gals" phenomenon by focusing their sights squarely on the sexy/cool/cute maidens of Sega soft. The girls in attendance in this first set of figures are (left to right):

* Nei Second from Phantasy Star
* Ramaya from Arabian Fight
* Arle Arja from Puyo Puyo
* Red Ring Rico from Phantasy Star Online
* Ulala from Space Channel 5
* Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter

   NCS sells the capsule toys in complete sets of 6 whereas in Japan, you would have to fetter them out randomly from vending machines. You'd be lucky if you got only 3 of each toy in your quest to collect the whole set going that route. The toys are very detailed with Ulala made up of 17 separate parts that must be assembled together. Arle Arja is made up of fewer parts but to make up for it, Yujin includes a quartet of Puyos to keep Arle company.

      NCS' remaining inventory is new and factory sealed in their original plastic capsules from old warehouse stock imported in 2003. 

Product Spec
Manufacturer: Yujin
Japanese Title: SRセガギャルズ コレクション01
Jan Code:
Original Year of Release: 2003
Language/Territory: Japan

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