Friday, May 29, 2015

 TOYS Fate/Stay Night Binkyu Holder - Import Preorder $26.90

Product Synopsis
   The cast of characters from Fate/Stay Night are captured inside miniature acrylic bottles enclosed with cork and slung from a length of chain for Masameya's Binkyu Holders which ship in late June 2015. The three keychains are:

01. Shiro Emiya & Saber
02. Rin Rin & Archer
03. Berserker and Ilya

   NCS is supplying the bottles in complete sets of three which ship on or around June 28, 2015. Preorders are welcome.

 Product Specification
Manufacturer: Masameya
Dimension: 35mm × 50mm × 2mm with chain
Acrylic, brass
 Japan Title: コウブツヤ Fate/stay night びんきゃらホルダー
 Product Code
01. 衛宮士郎&セイバー:4571384660457
 Product Code 02. 遠坂凛&アーチャー:4571384660464
Product Code 03. バーサーカー&イリヤ:4571384660471
 Territory/Language: Japan

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