Monday, November 17, 2014

TOYS Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Straps Vol. 2 - Import Preorder $45.90 each

Product Synopsis
Square Enix presents a second set of Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Straps which features another six characters as follows:

 » Tifa
» Vincent
» Cait Sith
» Zidane
 » Ace

 » Reno

    Each strap measures 7cm (2.75") in height and is made of PVC with a little chain loop on top.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2014.

Product Specification
Publisher: Square Enix
 Material: ABS
 Dimension: W6cm × D3cm × H7cm (W2.36 x D1.18 x H2.75")
 Japan Title: FINAL FANTASY トレーディングラバーストラップ Vol.2
 Jan Code:
 Territory/Language: Japan

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