Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 TOYS Game Machine 108 in 1 - New Import, In Stock $26.90

Product Synopsis 
NCS Product Synopsis 
   Japanese toy manufacturer AM Keihin releases a miniature arcade cabinet measuring 15 cm or 5.90" in height which is loaded with 108 games. Given the low price point of the product, we're going to assume that the games are execrable and the quality of the screen and  controls is horrible. Despite these assumptions however, we're going to import a few cases anyway because we're curious and hopeful.
     Two styles are available for order - a purple cabinet design and an aqua cabinet design which both contain the same games. Looking at the promotional flyer, one game appears to be a Breakout-like diversion whilst the other one might be an adventure game of some stripe. Even if the games are execrable, going through all 108 games should be somewhat entertaining.

Update September 24, 2014

NCS received the Game Machines a couple of weeks ago and have shipped all preorders. The controls consist of a 4-way joystick and two buttons labeled "A" and "B" along with a "Reset," "Start," and "Option" button across the top of the console. The "Start" button also serves as a "Pause" button during gameplay. The screen is a low-resolution LCD which does the job and the speaker is located on the back of the cabinet. The music in all of the games tend to be of the grating variety. Fortunately, there's a volume dial located on the right side of the cabinet so players can adjust the volume or turn it off completely.  

   Brief details on the games are listed below. We'll eventually get around to all 108 of 'em:

 001) F-22 Vertical shooter where targets are on the ground and airborne; power-ups are available 

002) Racing Fighter Reminiscent of Spy Hunter but without the power-up weaponry
003) Strong PJCC Push blocks in a maze to get at a red sphere
 004) Utmost Warfare Dollar store version of Galaxian
 005) Fated Pirate Naval strategy 
 006) Golden Bird Platformer where you free birds from their cages by walking beneath them
 007) Little Witch Horizontal shooter starring a little broomstick-riding witch
 008) Aim Cruise Shoot enemies and collect coins against a planetary backdrop
 009) Frantic Fishing Attempt to hook blinking fish that don't swim
 010) Brother Ball Rescue cohorts by using a three-part hero made of balls
 011) Bug Catcher Move a demon back and forth catching bugs and avoiding bad bugs
 012) Star Use a star to catch other stars while evading a trio of non-stars
 013) Danger Bridge Grant safe passage to lemming-like humans as they march down lanes
014) Fruit Gift Match falling fruit silhouettes by sliding a solid piece of fruit onto the same kinds
015) Road Worker Fill in portions of a damaged road so a car can pass through
016) Pizza Boy Deliver pies to hungry denizens of a small neighborhood
017) Falling Blocks Tetris play-alike with dual screens
018) Fling Ball Try to shoot at panels past a robotic goaltender who moves to and fro
019) Mowing Avoid moles and an ornery dog as you try to mow a lawn
 020) Final Blood Fire artillery at tanks and jeeps in the distance
 021) Aether Cruiser Free roaming shoot 'em up
 022) Toad in the Hole So, there's this toad popping out of holes and you have to whack it
 023) Octopus Collect underwater treasures while being pursued by an octopus and a manta ray
024) Sea Maid Dive for treasures and collect them before your air runs out
025) Nut Cracky Cross the length of the screen to reach a princess before being captured by goons
026) Greedy Guide a serpent around a maze and eat food to lengthen the snake

Orders are welcome to ship today. 

 Product Specification
AM Keihin
  Territory/Language: Japan
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