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 NDS Children of Mana - Sale US$23.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: March 2, 2006
A major geographical feature on the island of Illusia is a mighty tree known as the Mana Tree. Years have passed since calamity decimated the population of Illusia but the survivors have begun rebuilding. Guide three characters in your party named Flick, Pop, and Tumble who were all affected by the population loss.

   Flick is an orphan who regards Pop and Tumble as his family. Pop and Tumble are also orphans and the three battle like gangsters in deep dungeons when the occasion calls. The orphans are joined by a sort of orphan named Wanderer Nikita who lives apart from his race.

   To ensure high visual gloss, Square Enix turned to the manicured pedigree of Production I.G. for smooth animation and an impressive introduction cinema. Weapons used in the game include the Mana Sword, a bow and arrow, the mighty hammer, and the flail. A standby of olden RPGs, the flail may be used for close-range attacks as well as longer-range blows where the weapon is thrown out and whirled on its chain for a distance attack. The hammer can be used to pound foes into pancakes or just create so much concussive force that they're toppled off ledges and into the abyss below. There are four slots for weapons in the game and players basically perform dungeon exploration where maps are cleared and new dungeons are conquered in sequence. Up to four NDS adventurers may link up for cooperative play to conquer dungeons and to garner bragging rights.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Square Enix
Compatibility: Nintendo DS (Region Free)
Japanese Title: チルドレン オブ マナ
Territory/Language: Japanese
Jan Code: 4988601004466 / NTR-P-ASEJ

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