Tuesday, September 09, 2014

 DC D no Shokutaku 2: Bliss - Sale US$36.90 Free Shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Laura makes the scene once more in an arctic adventure filled with a cast of "human" characters and inhuman monsters. Then there are the humans that turn into monsters...

   A beautifully rendered introduction movie brings gamers up to speed on the happenings as we watch lone figure traversing a snowy wasteland. The scene shifts to a cabin where we watch a disturbed Laura fall asleep. Scene shifts again to a fiery meteor which races across space on a collision course with Earth. Near impact, a fiery aura encompasses the planet and the visitor from space descends onto a snowy landscape. The next scene shows Laura aboard a plane as she fights sleep. After a bit of chatter amongst fellow passengers, terrorists hijack the plane and slaughter a male flight steward and a few passengers. All the while, a strange man chants incantations in his seat. Suddenly, the plane's wing is hit by the meteor and the whole shebang crash lands onto a wintry expanse of white...
   In the next scene, we see the lone figure from the beginning of the intro who stumbles upon the crash and enters the plane. He spills a few drops of green blood and appears to have been infected by a skin-crawling disease which veins up his entire face.    Upon beginning the game, Laura and a fellow passenger named Kimberly are inside the afore-mentioned cabin and discussing their predicament. Their relative sense of peace is disturbed by an intruder who sprouts tentacles from inside his body and the newly "hatched" creature launches an attack...
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Product Specs
Product SKU: T-30004M (JPN)
JAN Code:
Japanese Product Name: Dの食卓2[限定版Bliss]
Publisherr: Sega
Compatibility: Sega Dreamcast (Japan-Only)


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