Friday, August 15, 2014

 PSV Hideboh Tap Dance Hero - Import Preorder US$53.90

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Let your fingers do the dancing in Dorasu's tap-dancing rhythm action game which was created in collaboration with Japanese tap dancer Hideboh (Hideyuki Higuchi). In the game, players guide animated onscreen protagonists 'Stan' and 'Airi' who move with motion-captured realism by tapping and sliding on the Vita's touch screen in time to the music and cues to amass points and conquer stages. Preorders are welcome to ship in October 9, 2014.

Product Specification
Publisher: Dorasu
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Publisher website:
 Japanese Title: HIDEBOH(ヒデボー) タップダンスHERO
 Jan Code: 4546907452451 / VLJM-35138

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