Friday, August 29, 2014

 PS3 Caladrius Blaze - New Import US$73.90

   Some of the boxes from today's import shipment are still in transit but we'll process and ship what we can today. If the remaining boxes don't arrive today, please note that they'll be in on Tuesday because of the Labor Day holiday on this coming Monday.

 NCS Product Synopsis 
   Japanese publisher Moss ports their 'Caladrius' vertical shooter from the region-locked confines of the Xbox 360 to the region-free Playstation 3 and adds a new stage, new scenario, and a new boss man to conquer. Reservations are welcome for a regular edition of Caladrius Blaze and a limited edition which includes a Drama CD and a Soundtrack CD .

Product Specification
Publisher: Moss
   Territory/Language: Japan
   Japanese Title: カラドリウス ブレイズ
   Jan Code: 4562252051002 / BLJM-61188

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