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 PS2 J-Phoenix Burst Tactics Limited Edition - Sale US$88.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 25, 2002

In the first J-Phoenix game, two nations went to war. The sequel carries this theme along for another ride while improving play mechanics and throwing new wrinkles into the machinery. Each battle starts off with a primer on objectives as well as helpful hints on succeeding.
   New weaponry upgrades for robots include chest cannons, shoulder mounts and sidearms. Similar to Armored Core, players are able to design their mechs and outfit them with over 300 different parts and enhancements. Mechs may also be upgraded with special armor to enhance field performance and withstand attacks. Communication flashes carry over from the original game with talk screens which pop up to relay intel.
   Weather conditions affect battle outcomes as well as performance when you're on the battleground. In addition to lone play, you may bring along tactical support in the form of back-up mechs who supply additional firepower or pose as cannon fodder. When you and a comrade join together for an offensive, you are able to unleash a "burst attack" which increases the level of damage suffered by a targeted foe.

   The limited edition box version of the game includes the following bonus items:

» APF-020G J-ARMD F customizable figure
» JN-S204Y SHINZAN customizable figure
Both figures are packaged in a see-through display case
» J-Phoenix Burst Tactics 16-page cel artworks
» J-Phoenix mech illustrations booklet

Japanese Product Name: J-PHOENIXバーストタクティクス限
Jan Code: 4904880138937 / SLPM-65122

New, factory sealed condition inventory

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