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 PS1 Metal Slug PSone Books - Sale US$29.90

NCS Product Synopsis
At one time, Contra was king. Konami's fast moving side scrolling jump 'n shooter ruled the arcades and spawned a number of variants on the venerable 8-bit Famicom and the 16-bit Super Famicom. It made it to the Playstation a couple of months ago in the incarnation of Contra Legacy of War from Apaloosa but it's attempt at 3-D was sorely lacking. Metal Slug represents one of the finest Contra clones in recent gaming history. Slug hails from the Nazca company and was originally released on the Neo-Geo and Neo-CD lines of consoles. The Playstation version is a faithful reproduction of the classic game and pulls it off with it's limited system ram.

    On the Neo-Geo, Slug was one of the better Contra clones in recent memory. Contra gave you the role of a freedom fighter of sorts who raced from left to right and shot everything and everyone in sight. Along the way, you would pick up weapon power ups and go through hordes of resilient enemy grunts. Metal Slug is Contra but with an extreme attention to the smallest of details. Quite simply, the level of detail in Metal Slug is nothing short of amazing. Nazca did an incredible job on the Neo-Geo with Slug and the Playstation version does it's predecessor justice.

    We can start by looking at the detail afforded to the main sprite in the game - the blonde soldier that serves as your character. Upon starting the game, you will notice that the soldier wears a headband, silver bracelets, green fatigues, pointy boots, a vest with no sleeves that covers a white shirt, and finally a knapsack. The knapsack is occasionally filled to the brim with ammo and missles that are picked up along the way. Another accessory that our soldier hero likes to carry around is his gunmetal colored piece and any power-up pieces that he might pick up along his travels.


Product Details
Product SKU: SLPS-91516
 Jan Code: 4964808300440
Publisher: Playmore
 Japan Title:【PSB】メタルスラッグ
 Compatibility: Playstation (Japan Only)
 Language: Japanese

 Region Incompatibility
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