Tuesday, October 15, 2013

 TOYS ONE PIECE Round Cushion Pirate Flag x Black Edition Ver.2 - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis  
   Japanese manufacturer Morimoto Sangyo presents a pair of 'One Piece' themed cushions as follows:

» Portgas D. Ace Whitebeard Pirates "Commander of Second Division - Ability User of Mera-Mera Fruit"
» Red Haired Pirates Captain Shanks "One of Members of the Four Emperors"

   Each cushion measures 48cm in diameter and 13cm deep (18.89 x 5.11") and preorders are welcome to ship in November
2013 at JPY1780 or US$25.90 from NCS.

Product Specification
Manufacturer: Morimoto Sangyo
Territory/Language: Japan
Jan Code:
4522654055376, 4522654055369

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