Thursday, December 20, 2012

 GEAR e-Capcom Okami-den Chibiterasu Face Mug with Lid - Import Offer

NCS Product Synopsis
The Okami-den Chibiterasu Face Mug with Lid is what we'd describe as a 3D cup because the front features the plaintive mug of Chibiterasu and the handle on the back is painted like his tail. The sides of the cup are adorned with cloudy "fins" that protrude slightly outward. A green lid is included which may be clamped on top of the cup to keep beverages inside hot or cold.

    The Mug is made of china and measures approximately 9cm (3.54") in height and approximately 8cm (3.14") in diameter.

 Product Specifications
Publisher: Capcom
 Territory/Language: Japanese
 Jan Code: 4984995900636

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