Monday, February 28, 2011

 PS3 Rune Factory Oceans - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The latest Rune Factory abandons the land and takes players on an adventure across the seas. Players control a lad named Azel who's accompanied by a gal who goes by Sonia. Their vessel of choice is a creature known as Ymir who provides versatile carriage for its master and mistress. In addition to serving as a ship, Ymir has the ability to lift entire sunken land masses and wrecked ships from the bottom of the sea to the surface. Nice gift to have when water is everywhere.

   As they make their way around the world, Azel and Sonia can perform farming and ranching duties on islands, communicate with island folk, go on dates, get married, and eventually have a child. The heroes won't have an easy time since enemies abound and they'll battle monsters by hacking and slashing in the overworld and in dungeons. The real-time 3D battle system allows Azel and Sonia to fight as if they were in an action game
. Players may also opt to use the PS Move to control the game if so desired.

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